February 16 Fredericksburg Tx. and Vicinity

20120216-181632.jpgThe above photograph is not the most scenic I’ve ever posted, but it shows why the Fredericksburg area is a favorite for cyclists. Specifically, there are miles and miles of little traveled paved roads winding through the countryside. I was able to get a brief sampling today and plan to come back.

After turning in early last night, I got out of the tent around sunrise. That’s about all I could take between the highway noise and my aching bones and back. It was a grey morning, about 50 degrees, with some showers in the area. I made coffee and began breaking camp slowly. This changed when a few raindrops began falling and my pace picked up. I wasn’t too concerned about which bag everything went in because last night I’d made an executive decision to move to a hotel for tonight. Between the uncertain weather and the fact that Lady Bird Johnson Park is not that appealing to tent campers (at least this one), I thought it was the right decision.

After everything was packed up, I rode the three miles on Hwy. 16 into Fredericksburg intent on a big breakfast. After slowly riding up and down Main Street, I decided to stop at the Chamber of Commerce office (which is about the nicest I’ve ever seen) to check out maps and asked if they had a recommendation for a breakfast place. The lady I spoke to mentioned several, but the one that sounded like it was the best was Sunset Cafe. I remembered passing it on the way into town, so I looped back through some side streets. It was an excellent breakfast with grilled Kielbasa sausage, scrambled eggs, red potatoes and toast.

After breakfast I rode back down Main Street to find the hotel I had made a reservation at (Super 8 for 50 bucks). I wanted to see if I could check-in early so that I could drop most of the bags and do a loop ride in the afternoon a little lighter. It makes a difference – believe me.

The folks at the hotel were very friendly and said that one be ready in about half an hour. I decided to use that time to ride around a bit more looking at the old German architecture.

After getting checked-in and lightening my load considerably, I decided to head back out of town to ride some of the great country roads. To be honest, and since it was a grey overcast day in winter, the scenery was a little stark. The riding was excellent, however, and I’d really like to ride more of the area, preferably in the spring. With the loop and riding around town, I did about 36 miles today.

After cleaning up back at the motel I walked down Main Street to find some German food for dinner. I decided to go to the Fredericksburg Brewery where I did their beer sampler and had the sausage combo. It was good, but not great. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and waiting for the rain – glad that I had a roof over my head.


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After retiring March 18, 2011 from my career of 25 years with the Lower Colorado River Authority, I plan to bicycle from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco in April and May to enjoy an incredible landscape and environment before I take on new challenges. Many thanks to my wife Kathy for indulging me in this adventure.
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