February 17 Fredericksburg, Tx. to Comfort, Tx.


20120217-180936.jpgI am so glad I made the decision to book a motel room last night, as I am again tonight. The heavy stuff is supposed to come later, but last night the rain and thunder woke me several times as well. Riding in the rain, while not totally comfortable, can be handled with the right gear. Camping in it with little chance to get things dry is another matter. I’m glad to be hunkered down in the Executive Inn in Comfort, Tx. listening to the rain outside rather than on my tent.

After waking early, I packed up most of my gear to be ready to check-out at noon. It was still drizzling and with a relatively short distance to cover to Comfort (about 30 miles) I planned to spend the morning in Fredericksburg. After coffee and breakfast at a local bistro, I walked over to the relatively new National Museum of the Pacific War. I was familiar with the Nimitz museum on Main Street, but until I began cruising the side streets yesterday, I had not realized the scale of work that had been done on this museum. When I paid my admission I asked the docent how long it had been open and he said about 2 years. I did not know.

I’ve been to a lot of museums and I must say that this is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The individual exhibits as well as the overall chronological flow of the pacific war through the museum is very well done. I spent a little over an hour there and did not do it justice. The well known battles are documented, but what amazed me were the number of lesser known but equally brutal and heroic battles that my Father’s generation participated in. The museum also did a good job of telling the Japanese history and perspective leading to the war, as well as acknowledging the Japanese internment camps that were created in the US during the war because of fear. Highly recommended and I plan to go back when I have more time.

After getting back to the room, I changed into cycling clothes and got the bags on the bike. I set out without the rain cape because, if anything, it was just a fog or drizzle at that point. After a few miles on the road I realized (again) that if you’re moving 10-20 mph the drizzle adds up and you get wet. After turning onto River Road I stopped and put on the cape, which lasted for the next 10 miles or so.

The low clouds and drizzle were doing a good job of obscuring the scenery, but once again I was traveling on excellent condition country roads that were like my personal bike lane. Very few cars would pass, in either direction, and those that did were very courteous. The miles slipped by and soon I was back to civilization, crossing I-10, and getting close to Comfort.

When I entered town I followed some residential streets to the downtown historic area. I noticed the library and thought that would be a good place to get out of the weather and get my bearing. Two very nice ladies helped me figure out where the motel was and gave me a couple of recommendations for dinner.

The motel was easy to find and is located adjacent to I-10, as you would expect. I also noticed that that the RV park I had thought about staying at was even closer to the interstate. Glad again I chose the motel, for weather and noise reasons.

After showering and relaxing a bit in the room I planned to head into town for dinner. However, by the time I was ready to leave the rain had hit and didn’t look like it was going to let up. Fortunately there was a BBQ place next door (Poncho’s) that had gotten good reviews. I got some BBQ take-out and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and called it good (which they both were).

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll need to decide whether to to ride to Guadalupe River State Park as originally planned, or head back to the car in Blanco. The fork in the road will be in Kendalia – we’ll see how the weather looks (and I feel) there.


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After retiring March 18, 2011 from my career of 25 years with the Lower Colorado River Authority, I plan to bicycle from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco in April and May to enjoy an incredible landscape and environment before I take on new challenges. Many thanks to my wife Kathy for indulging me in this adventure.
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