February 18 Comfort Tx. to Guadalupe River State Park

20120218-185503.jpgIt was raining when I went to sleep last night and raining when I woke up. The forecast was for it to taper off by late morning so I made coffee in the room and took my time pulling the gear together. About 9 am the rain had slowed down enough that I felt it was OK to venture down to the historic district to find some breakfast.

Comfort is an interesting Texas town. It was settled by German free thinkers and is known for the killing of many men of the town by Confederate soldiers as they attempted to flee to Mexico to avoid the war. I believe I read somewhere that it is one of only a half dozen sites in the country where the flag can be flown at half-mast in perpetuity. Numerous historic buildings from the 1800’s have been preserved, many as B&B’s.

The town was wet and quiet and only one place was open for breakfast, so I had some french toast, scrambled eggs and bacon at the High Cafe (named after High St.) to get me started for the day. Since none of the shops were open when I finished and it was starting to rain harder again, I headed back to the room to finish packing.

Check-out was at 11:00 and I waited til the last minute to hit the road. It wasn’t raining hard when I left, but I still put on every piece of riding rain gear I carry, from rain shoes to rain pants and, of course, the rain cape. Fortunately, after about 5 miles, the rain stopped and I was able to take it off. Good thing too – even though it was in the upper 40’s, I was getting hot.

After shucking the gear the riding got better. Waring was the first town I went through and looked like it had an interesting general store. From Waring, the road I was following got more interesting as it dropped down and then crossed the Guadalupe River. Another one of those spots that would look great in the spring. From there the ride was on quiet farm roads. At one point I was surprised to find the pieces to a Navy fighter plane stored behind a barn – kind of fit in with yesterdays visit to the Pacific theater museum in Fredericksburg.

The next town was Sisterdale and I briefly stopped at the winery to ask directions to the nearest restaurant. Several years ago Kathy and I had toured the winery with my Brother Gene and his wife Tami when they were visiting for Gretchen’s high school graduation. Good place to stop if you have the time.

The nearest restaurant was BBQ (again) so I changed it up by getting a baked potato with chopped beef and a link of sausage. Figured the carbs would be good for the road.

From Sisterdale I got on FM 473 which turned out to be my least favorite segment because the seal coat was pretty rough and there were a lot of steep rolling hills. By this point it looked like the weather was going to improve so I decide to finish the trip as planned by heading to Guadalupe River State Park for the night.

As I rode, I kept an eye out for Sansom Rd, which looked like it would be a good cut-through to FM 3351. The road turned out to be unpaved but in good condition, so I took a chance. By that point I was looking to shave off some miles. Sansom turned out to be in good shape all the way through.

When I reached FM 3351 I picked up something else I was counting on – a tail wind. That made the next 10 miles to Bergheim fly by. I stoped at a gas station and picked up a sub sandwich for dinner later. I figured there would be nothing in the park, and I was right.

The entrance to Guadalupe River S.P. was about 3 miles from the highway turn off – all of it into a headwind. Fortunately it was mostly downhill to the campground and river. Made it to my campsite about 5:30 after covering 47 miles for the day.


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After retiring March 18, 2011 from my career of 25 years with the Lower Colorado River Authority, I plan to bicycle from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco in April and May to enjoy an incredible landscape and environment before I take on new challenges. Many thanks to my wife Kathy for indulging me in this adventure.
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