February 19 Guadalupe River State Park to Blanco

Writing this back at home Sunday night after riding the final 35 miles back to Blanco today. It was a great trip, even with the rain, but glad to be home with Kathy sitting by a fire. Woke early, as usual, this morning and thought about reading in the tent til it got lighter, but decided to take my camp stove and coffee and ride down to the day use area by the river. I had the place to myself and watched the sun come up while having a hot cup of joe. The pic above is of the steep cut bank of the Guadalupe River in the park.

After breaking camp, I got on the road a little after 9:00 a.m. and made the roughly 5 mile gradual climb out of the park. Back on the highway, I headed west about 4 miles to Bergheim and breakfast. Found a small Mexican restaurant in a new strip center just off the highway that was very good and inexpensive. I stayed there a little while finishing yesterdays journal entry.

I got back on the road about 11:00 a.m. and really began to feel the warmth of the sun and enjoying riding on a clear day. There was a slight north wind that I was riding into, but it wasn’t too bad. To help pass the miles I had already covered yesterday, I pulled out my iPod and the speaker my Brother Don had given me on the Oregon trip and listened to Bill Bryson’s reading of his latest book “At Home”. It really helped on the long trudges up the hills.

Pretty soon I was passing through the very small town of Kendalia and turned off the busier FM 3351 onto Old Blanco Road for the last part of the trip. This proved be be one of my favorite cycling roads because of the low traffic volume, nice scenery, and of course the good weather. The last section was nearly all downhill as the road dropped down to cross the Blano River as I entered town. From there it was only a mile or so back to the County Courthouse where I had left the car (which was, thankfully, still there). After putting the bike and gear into the car, I decided to treat myself to a burger, fries and coke at a little cafe on the square. After covering just shy of 200 miles in the last five days in sometimes miserable weather, it felt good to sit and relax.

Until the next adventure.


About rlewis5757

After retiring March 18, 2011 from my career of 25 years with the Lower Colorado River Authority, I plan to bicycle from Astoria Oregon to San Francisco in April and May to enjoy an incredible landscape and environment before I take on new challenges. Many thanks to my wife Kathy for indulging me in this adventure.
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